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Mods - RadioShack ZipZaps - Description
Contributed by Aphrael on November 25, 2002

These Zaps Zip!!! ZipZaps, the 1/64 scale cars available at RadioShack were the first mainstreamed micro remote controlled cars available in the United States. Others have since emerged, but with the debut in September and extensive advertising featuring Shaquille O'Neal and mainstream car companies, hardly anyone in America hasn't heard about these little dynamos.

These mini RC cars (aproximatly the size of a Hot Wheels car) are remote controlled, available in two frequencies -- 27 Mhz and 49 Mhz. The car has an internal Nickel Metal-Hydride rechargable battery, which is charged on the car's compact remote. One 45-second charge will run about 3-4 minutes of play time.

The Radio Shack Zip Zaps line-up includes 8 starter kits, 4 of each frequency. Available are Ford Mustang Cobra SVT (Laser Red - 27 Mhz, Yellow - 49 Mhz), Porche 911 (Silver - 27 Mhz, Red - 49 Mhz), Chrystler PT Cruiser (Burgundy - 27 Mhz, Blue - 49 Mhz), and the Fast and Furious Honda Civics (Powder Blue - 27 Mhz, Black - 49 Mhz). Additional body styles and starter kits are planned, including a Volkswagen Beetle which should come out around the new year.

Each starter kit retails at $19.99, and includes one chassis, one rear axle, stock gears, stock motor, 4 custom hubcaps, stock tires, a body top, the remote, a small screwdriver, and a collectable trading card. Additional upgrades include additional body styles, a motor upgrade kit, tire and hubcap kit, and the extremely popular Fast and Furious Tuner Kit which retails at 12.99.

Zip Zaps, while still provided at a low price point, handle extremely well. Additional modifications can increase run-time, speed, and distance from the controller for a relatively low investment.

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